Recipe: Sticky Date Pudding

I’ve been cooking/baking and thinking about it more than I have in my life. Maybe it’s the new environment I’ve been immersed in for the past 1+ month now. Being with people who care about food and projects which revolve around food day in day out really makes me want to do more in the kitchen. A special mention also goes out to the lovely colleague who sits right beside me and brings in amazing baked treats 2 to 3 out of 5 weekdays. Lucky us!

Her sweet treats have really opened me up to (thinking about) experimenting a little more with new ingredients. One of which was earl grey – it got me thinking about incorporating tea/coffee into homemade desserts. I did get down to trying out one a week ago but it failed spectacularly (affirmation came in the form of friends’ polite reactions to the cake). Happens all the time, when I choose to cook/bake for my friends, it never ends up well. Story of my life. ;p

I couldn’t for, the life of me, recall the last time my sisters and I baked anything together. It was probably when we were really small and baking at my aunt’s place (just across the corridor) was a big and yearly affair at Chinese New Year. We would sit there churning out trays and trays of cashew nut cookies, flower-shaped butter cookies, marble pound cakes, kueh lapis and more. Anyhow, three weekends ago, a punnet of dates in hand, I decided to go over to mum’s for some baking therapy.

I googled quite a number of sticky date pudding recipes. They were all more or less the same in terms of amount of ingredients. In the end, I picked this one which sounded a little easier and looked like there wasn’t so much washing up post-baking (you see, I play out the recipes in my head before deciding if they would be too much trouble haha!). These little moreish puddings disappeared before we had a chance to get our hands on some vanilla ice cream.

Oh just so you know, these cost approximately 50 cents a pudding. Ah huh. You read that right. 😉 Fancy desserts for (less than a) dime.


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