Berlin, Germany: Oliv Cafe, Mitte

Truth be told, I wasn’t very psyched about the food scene in Germany. In preparation for my trip to Berlin and Munich, I did a lot of googling to suss out if there were any recommendations or reviews. Of course, there were the usual ones on currywurst featuring the usual suspects like Curry 36, Konnopke’s Imbiss and Witty’s at Ka De We’s. I did go to Witty’s but… it’s a hotdog with curry powder on it, so unless I have some time to burn, you won’t be reading about it here. Here’s my little contribution of a review on Oliv Cafe in Berlin to the WWW which I hope will prove useful should you ever decide to visit the uber chill and artsy city.

Oliv Cafe is located in the Mitte district filled with trendy boutiques. It came up in the googling and having realised our hotel was pretty close by, we decided to head for breakfast there one morning. We were also very lucky to chance upon the main Freitag store (address right below) on our leisurely stroll towards the cafe. We arrived at Oliv Cafe at about 9.15am to be greeted with a ‘No Guts No Glory’ sign in chalk on a tiny blackboard and upon entering the spacious cafe, found the same words, this time outlined by fluorescent tubes on the main wall.


Oliv Cafe exudes a warm, relaxed and chic vibe. Its interior features clean lines and successfully matches a black and concrete colour swatch with a long wooden dining table. One could also opt to sit outdoors, against their tall glass windows to watch the fashionable Mitte crowd go by.
IMG_5334 IMG_5317

There were only three staff manning the cafe, but service was seamless, smooth and their chemistry was great to watch. One took orders, made coffee, dished out the pastries and collected payment, the other was rolling out dough to make more pastries and mixing salads. The last and the only lady ran around getting people seated, taking orders and serving people their food. We took a corner spot right next to the window and ordered the quark cheesecake and the quiche lorraine which came with a tiny serving of salad. The creamy quiche studded with bacon bits certainly didn’t disappoint. We also satisfied our craving for a full bodied, robust latte macchiato.

The quark cheesecake was quite unlike the usual cheesecakes I am used to. Its texture was crumbly instead of creamy, and taste-wise, it was not too sweet and had a base that was made of crushed muesli instead of the usual crushed biscuits.

I highly recommend Oliv Cafe if you’re looking for a place to rest your feet after a little credit card exercise in the boutiques in the Mitte district. Oliv Cafe also stocks Kusmi Tea which is apparently all the rage in Paris.

Oliv Cafe
Münzstrasse 8, Mitte, Berlin, Germany
+49 30 8920 6540,
Mon-Fri 8.30am-7pm, Sat 9.30am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm
Cash only

Max-Beer-Strasse 3  10119 Berlin, Germany

– S


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