Singapore: Overdoughs, a bakery/deli by Artichoke

Overdoughs is Artichoke’s sister bakery, barely two weeks old, just across the street at Waterloo centre. I usually prefer to let these places work out teething issues and early kinks before I pop by for a visit. But I was in the area and had seen a photo on its Facebook page of a passionfruit curd tart and immediately decided what-the-heck, time and tarts wait for no man.
IMG_7012 IMG_7013

A small number of products like sesame cream paste, cous cous and Turkish teas are also stocked at Overdoughs

Small, casual and super laid back, Overdoughs has an open kitchen concept. The kitchen, which takes up almost half of the floor space, has no large glass windows separating it from the diners, just a counter where I imagine more baked goods would be on display at lunch. The communal dining concept continues from Artichoke with a large wooden table with high benches for diners to gather around.


The main counter displays most of the baked goods. Some of them come with samples to help your decision.

The Middle-Eastern influenced baked goods are SGD5 each or SGD18 for 4. We ordered the passionfruit orange blossom tart and the date and stewed apple cake. There was a variety of other sweets like baklava, kunefe, brownies and sticky buns for sale.


I really enjoyed the passionfruit curd tart which had an added crunch from a crust made of cornflakes. Maybe the meringue and curd ratio could have been tweaked in favor of the latter, and the tart could have been chilled, but overall this was one really yummy tart. Anyone knows where else I can find passionfruit curd tarts other than at Overdoughs and Carpenter and Cook?


We have never had a dates and stewed apple cake with coconut streusel so this was one interesting cake which both Mum and I liked. The spiced cake is dense, moist and not too sweet. I can imagine it would be lovely with a warm cup of tea.


Overdoughs also offers a simple lunch of pita bread and your choice of three (SGD10), I’ll be back to try it proper when the coffee machine arrives next week.

261 Waterloo Street
#01-24, S(180261)
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 7pm
Nearest MRT: Bras Basah

– S


2 thoughts on “Singapore: Overdoughs, a bakery/deli by Artichoke

  1. you can try the passionfruit orange meringue tart at High Society. but it’s not very good haha. 🙂 love the orange flavored meringue but not so the passionfruit orange curd.


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