Berlin, Germany: Burgermeister, Kreuzberg

I value time alot more when we travel. While there are times I don’t mind going out of the way for food, most times, I make it a point to seek out good spots just around the areas where I would be visiting and work those into the itinerary. To me, it beats spending time on commuting to and fro locations and allows me more time to enjoy the city better.

Burgermeister was one of those places I knew I could work into the itinerary easily. It is close by to the East Side Gallery which is the longest part of the Berlin Wall left). A late morning in Berlin could start off with a jaunt down the Gallery (start off at the Ostbahnhof S-Bahn, walk towards the river for about 8-10 minutes till you hit the wall; you won’t miss it), stroll along the walls filled with art till you hit the Oberbaumbrucke bridge on your right. Cross the bridge, and while doing so, look out for the Molecule Men on the river. Once you get past the bridge, look up ahead towards the right for the U-bahn tracks. Follow them for about 5 minutes till you see Burgermeister, which is literally just below the tracks.


Cute trabi spotted just in front of Burgermeister

The counter to place your order

Burgermeister has a super casual and fuss-free vibe. You either stand around to eat, perch yourself on a high bar, or sit on their very cool crate-chairs.


IMG_5365 IMG_5367

Meet Burgermeister’s Chilli Cheeseburger (3.80 euros)! Thick juicy beef patty, with cheese, tomato, lettuce and jalapenos.

Pardon the bite marks, but I’m sure you wanted to see the cross-section. Oh, not pictured, but there are bottles of tabasco for use on the table if you needed that extra kick.

We also ordered a plate of cheese fries (1.90 euros) and an icy cold fritz-limo cola to wash it all down. If you’re wondering why this is all we had, it’s because we had a pretty filling breakfast at Oliv Cafe.

Fritz-limo, a brand under Hamburg’s Fritz-kola, comes in many flavours. This particular flavour we had was cloudy sparkling apple, which is carbonated water mixed with apple juice. It’s also called Apfelschorle or AppelSaftSchorle in German, and turns out is a super popular beverage in the country.

Apparently Fritz-limo uses only real juice and none of the chemical crap. Both A and I loved it! In fact, we were trying to hunt it down in supermarkets thereafter and just couldn’t find this particular brand.  So if you like it, try a couple more flavours that are available at Burgermeister.

Burgermeister’s concise menu features a handful of burgers including the good old hamburger and a BBQ burger. My bets are any of those would be just as good as the cheeseburger we had.

Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997 Berlin
U1 Schlesisches Tor
Mon to Thur 11am-2am
Fri and Sat 11am-4am
Sun 3pm-2am



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