Hey baby, are you ready?

39 weeks. 

It seems I’ve been in denial. My feet and ankles started swelling slightly the past week. The skin near the ankles are also turning a little redder. Hubbs says those parts look like they got sunburnt. It’s also tougher and tougher on my back to walk for longer distances. 

Today, the Hubbs suggested going to Hubers to buy steak for dinner. When we got there, he suggested going for the Australian Wagyu as a pre-popping celebration. Best suggestion all week. My first piece of Wagyu steak and it was truly amazing. Seasoned with only our Himalayan pink salt and black pepper, grilled 1.5 minutes each side and then rested the slab for 10 minutes before digging in. Juicy, tender and the sweetness of the meat shone through without need for any other sauce.

We also bought a ribeye steak just for comparison. It was great too and we got the timing just right (about 3 minutes each side). But when eaten right after the Wagyu steak, I could see why the price difference. 

Oh man, just looking at the pic makes me yearn for another chunk of that Wagyu goodness.

And the waiting game continues. 



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