Less than 24 hrs

Cldn’t sleep again from 5.30-7am this morning. 

It’s funny, I told the gynae yesterday that baby is moving slightly less. But actually now that I’ve said that, and am observing him again, I don’t think that’s the case. He’s moving like he was before.

Yesterday, before it was our turn at the gynae’s, we went to Kiddy Palace for a little walk. Smart folks that they are, they placed a huge array of boys and girls toys right at the front of the store. As we weaved through the boxes of toys, the Hubbs said out loud, most pleased with himself, “Ahhh, the toys that baby and I will buy.”

That’s my Hubbs for you. Using his yet-to-be-born son to justify his future spending habits. 

Thumbs up. 


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