Day 19

So yes, I survived childbirth!

Evan turns 19 days old today and yes, I have only just found time to write a short note. A few quick things before I scoot off again for other more important things in life now. Like sleeping. 

  1. I can remember a good 80% of my entire birthing process. I will write about it soon but maybe password protect it or something so that I don’t scare off the rest of the yet-to-reproduce female population from childbirth.
  2. No one really talks about the pain after delivery. Don’t forget about the stitches down there. And pray you don’t have side effects from the epidural.
  3. Breastfeeding is beautiful.
    Yah right. Only on photos. 
    Honestly, it’s a physical and emotional challenge that I had to and still am psyching myself up for daily. Day 19 and my nips are still sore. The initial latch is still kinda painful. And just imagine having someone latch onto your nipple and tossing and turning his head like biting off a piece of beef jerky. To top it off, there’s the dealing with breast engorgement to panicking over whether enough milk is being produced. No fun I swear.
  4. Post-natal depression is very real. I don’t think I’ve reached the point of depression but boy, my hormones are just all over the place. 
  5. I think we have a night baby. Nights with a cranky baby are no joke. No. Joke. We’re kept up all night with whimpering and/or wailing. Diapers changed. Milk given. Nothing works. 

Having said that, all it takes is one little smile from the little one to erode any resolve not to put myself through this all over again. 


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