The past six weeks

The past six weeks have been almost a blur. My daily activities have been sleep, eat, breastfeed (sometimes pump), entertain the bub, bathe, poop on repeat. I can count the number of times ive gone out with one hand and mostly they were to run errands.

It didn’t hit me before giving birth that my me-time would have taken such a huge hit. I def would have appreciated it alot more before had I known.

These days I try and accomplish things in half the time. The bub has of course uncanny timing.  Every time I switch on the laptop to do my own stuff, the bub decides he wants attention too.

I haven’t had the time to watch many shows like I thought I might have and even when I manage to, hardly do I watch them in entirety. I even wrote down a list of things to do during this maternity period before I popped. Safe to say, I havent moved down the list very much.

I’m also trying my best to keep up to date with what’s happening ard the world. But tbh It’s a challenge really when sometimes all you wanna do is zone out. Thank goodness for smartphones. It’s almost the only way I connect with the world now.

No wonder a colleague said, ‘Gd luck! You’ll get your life back in 20 years if you’re lucky!’


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