Having spent 90% of my time at home for the past 2.5 months have made me more appreciative of the simpler things in life. Going to a nearby neighbourhood mall is one. Suddenly an outing to the nearby NEX is actually really quite exciting. Not to mention it has to be planned for. Even what I’m going to do at NEX within a short span of 2.5 hours, including travelling time mind you, has to be planned for. Which floor do I go first? What’s the most important task to be completed? Which is a faster route?

I’ve also realised how I’ve learn to much better manage my own expectations. Like for example when you get to the bubble tea shop and realise that the queue is way too long and you just have to put off the week-long craving for bubble tea to get home in time for the bubster to have his milk. Yes the bubster gets to have his drink and I don’t. Or when I know my egg yolk is getting cooked thoroughly in the piping hot instant noodles (blasphemy!) but my hands are full with a wailing baby.

The old me would have been quite sian/upset/peeved. But such things hardly get the new me upset. Even if so, I move on so quickly I hardly notice it. Why waste time and energy getting upset? I think it’s motherhood. Too many things to do and think about.  Getting upset at trivia stuff is very low on the list.


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