100 days

My little baby turned 3 months last week. And he’s 100 days old today. Unbelievable. No wonder parents always say babies grow up so fast.  

Friends have been asking me what I’ve been doing at home. The hubbs drops me off at my mum’s place in the morning. In the mornings, I sometimes catch up on sleep ’coz E still wakes up at least twice in the night. Thankful for my mum and helper who take care of him while I snooze.

When E gets up, I play with him or read him books. It’s difficult getting E to nap and when he does, they are usually short naps. While he’s sleeping, I get online and either get some errands done, shop (whole new world out there with international shipping), or research on the next travel destination. Yes, we do still intend to try and travel this year. In fact, we’re headed for Taipei late Feb. Again, supremely thankful for family support without which, it would make it tougher to plan a vacation. 

Then there’s bath time and the numerous diaper changes. The helper does most of it, but I pitch in. When the helper returns home for the next two weeks, I’m going to have to do all of it myself. 

In the evenings, A comes by for dinner and the three of us head home for the night. 

Recently, we decided it was time to get E accustomed to drinking from the bottle. The past two weekends, E has been resisting the bottle at my mum-in-law’s. At first we thought the holes in the teats weren’t big enough, but gradually realised he just didn’t fancy the teats. We’re trialing the bottle one feed a day. So far, it’s been lots of tears, wailing and coaxing (aka singing and waving toys in front of E). I’m positive we will get there but just not sure how long it will take. 

So yes, that’s how my weekdays are for now. Not the most exciting but watching your baby grow is pure joy. 

In non-baby related news, I was watching Li Channel the other day and an interior design related programme really caught my eye. It finally hit me that the host was Emily Henderson, whose work I’ve fancied since following Oh Joy’s blog many years back. One thing led to another and I realised Emily designed Oh Joy’s studio and A Cup Of Jo’s home, both of which I drooled over. How odd that I never realised it! So guess whose blog is now on my feedly.


Oh Joy’s Studio


Oh Joy’s Studio

image A Cup of Jo’s Home


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