Cheers baby?

Exactly two weeks to go before we head off to Taipei for a short sojourn. AND? The bubs is STILL not quite taking to the bottle!

Oh man. The irony.

In the initial months, when we sent him in for phototherapy sessions (twice) and were ascertaining if he was having breastmilk jaundice, we had to give him formula in the bottle. Then, I was worried that he would have nipple confusion and never take to the breast thereafter.

Fast forward to today, he’s now probably too used to drinking right from the source and is having trouble adjusting to a fake tit.

I’ve learnt that we can plan all we want but with a baby, just be prepared that all your fancy schmancy plans could get thrown out of the window. We initially thought we had a month to get him used to the bottle. Who knew he would get the sniffies and a cough after his 2nd immunisation jab. And so we thought we wouldn’t get him all riled up with the bottle and risk aggravating his flu/cough. Then CNY rolled along and it was just logistically not convenient to bottle feed him and have me pump at some relative’s place while he takes from the bottle.

So ta-dah, two weeks left till Taipei and I’m a little worried. Erks.

That aside, February 3rd 2014 marked the little nugget’s first successful attempt at flipping from his back to his tummy.


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