almost 6 mths!

time flies. so cliche but so true.

evan’s turning 6 mths in a week and my, oh my, the little baby who was just 3.5kg at birth is now 9kg+. he’s outgrown a number of outfits and we’ve upgraded to size L diapers! 

getting him to sleep is still a challenge and he still wakes up at least twice during the night. While I’m used to it, there are nights where the interruptions are crazy and I end up being a walking zombie at work.  

evan’s also singing/shrieking alot more now. i’ve heard him just coo-ing for a good 3 minutes just before he wakes up in the morning too. it’s too adorable.

we’ve also taken countless photos and videos of him. when we show him to them, he gets all smiley and excited.

wldn’t it be awesome if we could bottle up these moments and enjoy them again when they’re all grown up?


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