First fall

My darling fell off the bed for the first time today. It had to happen under my watch of course.

The Hubbs put him on the bed and went to make breakfast while I continued with my make up. It did hit me that he looked a little too close to the edge of the bed. Plus the two bolsters in front of him meant he cldnt caterpillar crawl his way forward. But I brushed it aside and continued with my make up.

Soon I heard a loud thud. Next thing evan was on the floor (belly on the floor), i screamed, ran towards him, flailing my eye liner onto the floor and picked him up. Honestly I’ve been trying to recall how I flung it out of my hands but I can’t rmb! Evan didnt shed a tear and in fact when the hubbs rushed in, he even gave a little grin.

I was crazy traumatized and was shaking till we got to the car. I’m super grateful that I don’t think he hurt himself. Maybe jus a little bump on the forehead. Lesson learnt.


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