8 months

My little mr dimples just turned 8 months last Monday. Been too long since I updated. After flipping from front to back, E was quick to learn how to flip back to front and also started trying to put his bum down to get himself to a seated position. E started sitting up on his own by about 6.5/7 mths.

Now that he’s 8 mths, he can somewhat crawl haphazardly. He can also pull himself up by the side of the playpen very quickly and attempt to move along the edges of the playpen. E sometimes tries to pull the ‘ma look no hands!’ stunt; he stands momentarily and falls with a plomp on his butt.

We started him on solids on the 6th month. First he ate some purees but now he’s having two meals of porridge a day.

E also fell sick for the first time three weeks ago. Had a cough with phlegm and a runny nose. We put him on some Chinese meds n he got better after a week.

No sight of teeth yet but you can see the gums turning whitish from teeth pushing through. And this eczema on the face, gosh, most persistent shit ever. I really do hope it goes away soon.


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