10.5+ mths update

I really ought to be a bit more disciplined in updating these milestones. they’re flying by like nobody’s business.

first and foremost, in 9 days, the little one turns 11 mths. both his bottom front teeth have emerged and grown taller. these past few days we’ve noticed he’s also been drooling a lot more. could be that the top two front teeth are also making their way out. so far, the little one has made a few nips on my itty bitty bits while nursing. hurts but usually i just tell him no! today i raised my voice a little (hey it really hurt today), and he started wailing.

another big milestone update – evan has learnt how to clap! the week before he was still figuring it out and then suddenly last week, he successfully clapped! that cheeky vocal one makes sure he raises his voice and says AHHHH while clapping each time. it tickles all of us to no end.

today, my helped happily told me that evan can recognise the objects around him already. when we ask, where’s the vegetable (poster), he would turn towards and glance/ point at it. Or, where’s hickory dickory dock (again another poster), he would do the same! isn’t it amazing?

in most impt news, i’ve decided, we wont be bringing him along to our big Cali Road Trip. Sigh.


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