So this weekend saw the bubs trying to stand over and over again. he’s gotten fairly good at it. on a good try, he can stand for about 5 seconds before landing on his butt. He’s always super happy with himself when he manages to stand, clapping and grinning gleefully! 

This weekend, we also realised that he’s now capable of playing peekaboo. By that I mean he is initiating the peekaboo game. He would pull up a for eg, a pillow and then swiftly bring it down to reveal himself to whomever who’s a wiling playing party. 

5 more days till we leave him at the in laws 😦 am really hoping that his facial baby eczema goes away by the time he turns one. maybe this stay at his granny’s wld do him good. for some reason, his eczema worsens over the weekend which makes it so difficult to answer to granny when he gets dropped off on Monday mornings. sigh.


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