So here’s a heads up for parents who go away for a long holiday while your kid is less than a year old. Your baby is unlikely to recognize you when you return!

Yes, if you are imagining your baby locking eyes with you as if saying “oh mama you’re back! I missed you!”, and smiling widely when you see him/her again after a long time, pls stop yourself right there and save yourself some heartpain.

Baby E looked at me like I was a stranger when I went back to get him after we got back from a 16 day holiday. I also thought his voice wasn’t quite like what I remembered and that he grew taller.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long before he warmed up go me again. Phew.

For the record, in retrospect, it was totally wise not bringing him along. We would have tortured both him and all of us.

In more exciting news, yesterday (5 days before he turns ONE!) both the Hubbs and I witnessed E’s first steps! It all happened quite quickly at my mum’s place and took us all by surprise. He’s still quite unstable in general but usually more than game to try taking a few steps unaided. Can’t believe my baby is turning one soon! Yes, almost an entire year has gone by with me surviving on mostly interupted sleep!


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