Magic Hour

8 to 9 pm. When 60 minutes feels like 6 minutes. When the minute hand makes a rapid dash clockwise and the hour hand speeds up to the 9pm mark.

I told the hubbs the other night an observation I made over the past weeks. It seems that no matter how early we leave my in-laws place for home, we’ll only make it back home at almost 9pm which is the time the bubs goes all cranky on us.

Well, here’s our nightly routine. We leave work, head to my in-laws for dinner before leaving with the bubs. Once we get back, it’s a mad rush. The hubbs struggles to change E into his PJs while he wails for milk; I wash up as quickly as I can so that E can nurse and hopefully fall asleep.

Sometimes I fall asleep too cause the room is so damn conducive (and I’m just dead beat). If that happens, I wake up the next day feeling like I’ve not “accomplished” anything over the past 36 hours. I somehow feel like I’ve “wasted” on a me-time, housekeeping-time opportunity. Do you ever feel like that? The impetus to make every possible minute count?

On another note, here’s jotting some of E’s milestones at almost 13 months.

– He takes about 10 steps fairly steadily unassisted now and is uber happy to have someone hold his hand so that he can roam around the house. Looks like we got to get those shoes out for him very soon!

– His cousins taught him how to do the flap his arms to signify a duck with a cute little nursery rhyme. For some reason he can identify ducks too now? We were at a friend’s house and he saw a little card with a duck and flapped his arms.

– He is also mimicking holding up a ‘phone’ to his ear.

– He can take a little bow to mean “xie xie” to whomever who gives him food (usually the catch).

– He can sign along to Wheels on the bus – Round and Round, Up and Down.

– We think he’s trying to say “round round”. He says it when he sees wheels on vans/cars in pictures.

– He has still got only two bottom front teeth. Still no sight of the rest though he’s been drooling a fair bit. Having only two bottom front teeth hasn’t stopped him from trying as many new foods.

– He’s still waking up at least 2-3 times in the middle of the night to nurse. (WHUT…)



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