13th month update

Why do babies like pulling people’s glasses off their faces? And why do babies gravitate towards phones? E is no different. And guess what, today is the day E officially caused the nose bridge from my glasses to snap from the frame. Sigh. Crossing my fingers that a simple dab of super glue would do the trick and mend my favourite pair of glasses.

E occasionally falters but more or less can now walk fairly steadily across a room. In fact, when he’s given the licence to run free, he squeals and shrieks happily. Like yesterday, we were at my long-time friend C’s wedding at the gorgeous Capella and E just tottered around like a semi-drunk man up and down the entrance of the ballroom.

The range of sounds/words he knows has now expanded to Ma-ma, Mum-mum, Da-da, Nan-nan and just tonight, he said Car. Still not quite sure whether he knows what the words mean, cause seems like every person/object is called ma-ma!

We can see how E picks up super quickly too. We taught him the hand actions of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider rhyme and he was able to repeat one of the actions almost immediately. The hubbs also taught E how to climb off the bed by going down legs first, and he’s not getting every opportunity to put it into practice. Today, E also seemingly matched a cartoon sumo wrestler magnet to my mum’s tshirt which had a similar sumo image on it.

On a note unrelated to my update on his 13th-month milestones, I’m starting to feel the pressures of being a parent in SG. Since when did most people send their kids to Playgroup at 18 months, and then Playschool from 3 to 6 years old? Did you know there are long queues for most of these pre-schools? And the average seems to be $1300 for a month. A month! My colleague tells me it was only recently when his kid turned 7 and attended Pri Sch (where it’s $6 a mth) that he felt a little bit more financially comfortable. No wonder people think twice about having kids in this city.


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