14th month update

Last night E fell for the third time off the bed. On my watch again no less. I’m a lousy mommy! Big bump on the forehead again. E is sleeping on the mattress from tonight onwards. My heart can’t take this trauma no more.

In happier news, E turns 14 months tmr. His vocab has grown to include ‘Brett Brett’ which means bread, bird, cock (clock!! Haha), walk-walk and a few more. E can also now walk pretty steadily on his own and is most happy tottering around with a spoon/spatula in hand. Last week, his top right tooth started to peek out but the left top tooth is still missing in action.

Ive stopped pumping about two weeks back. The amount I was pumping out was decreasing and I decided it was better saving it for a fuller nighttime latch before he goes to bed. Feels free to be relieved of pumping! I’m sure many long time EP mums would understand.

Xmas is in three days! Still can’t believe it. This year flew by especially fast. Hoping for better things to come in 2015.


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