Recipe: Gula Melaka Coconut Ice Cream

A colleague had brought back some gula melaka for me on his trip to Malacca. I’ve seen the blocks of sugar being sold here in Sheng Shiong but not in NTUC or Cold Storage. Anyway, given the hubby’s love for ice cream, we decided we would make some with the gula melaka we had. We trawled the internet for a Gula Melaka Coconut Ice Cream recipe but never got very detailed recipes off any blog sites. So we took whatever we could find as guidance and then trialed our recipe twice and ta-dah, I hereby present to you our version. We are also of course recording this down coz we’re definitely making this again when we get another chance to do so.

Gula Melaka Coconut Ice Cream (yield approx 900ml)

First you need to make some liquid Gula Melaka

Liquid Gula Melaka

300g Gula Melaka
250g Water

Place the gula melaka and water in a saucepan. When the gula melaka is melted, lower the heat and get it down to a simmer. Keep the mixture simmering. It will eventually thicken to a consistency like honey (or slightly less viscous is also fine).

Let cool then pour the mixture into a glass jar. You can keep this in the fridge for about 2 weeks.

Gula Melaka Coconut Ice Cream

4 yolks
80ml liquid gula melaka
200ml coconut milk
150ml full cream milk
50ml cream

1. Whisk the yolks, liquid gula melaka and coconut milk together
2. Cook the mixture till it thickens. Keep an eye when you place the mixture over the fire. Keep whisking. Use the back of a spoon to test the consistency if you need to. Dip the back of the spoon into the mixture, take it out, draw a line down and if the line stays, the consistency is right.
3. Mix the full cream milk and the cream.
4. Take it off the heat, pour it through a sieve into the mixture of milk and cream. Keep stirring while pouring.
5. Chill the mixture for at least two hours.
6. Churn the mixture with your ice cream machine for about 30 minutes. Remove and freeze overnight.


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