15.5 mth update

“papa, papa, papa!” that’s possibly E’s favourite word and person for the moment. It’s the first thing he says when he wakes up and also who he calls for perpetually when I’m in the room with him trying to get him to sleep. as for “mama”, E prefers calling me “mann” instead. ah huh. His vocab has definitely expanded and he can remember stories we’re reading him. For example, he can finish up the sentences in the story books. He can also remember where his favourite things are kept now.

On the oral hygiene front, we’ve started getting E acquainted with the toothbrush. He likes the novelty of brushing his teeth but doesn’t fancy those bristles in his mouth too much. we’re still at 4 teeth! the top two are finally about the same length now, but we’ve not seen the rest popping out.


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