16.5 months update – Finally, we’re back with ‘mama’

Finally, my dear son is calling me mama again. Though papa remains his strong favourite (and it seems yeye too), this mama doesn’t mind since I’m getting called the proper term now.

We’ve also started on potty training. Pooping habits seem to be the easiest to tackle. It’s fairly easy spotting him taking a dump. Either he stands very still and keeps fairly quiet, or he turns red trying to force his poo out. Sometimes when we ask him, “da bian?” he wld say yes and we would run off and get the potty. Half the time, he gets it right. Other times he’s just fooling around or we’re too late in the game.

E’s also turning out to be sounding quite like an ang moh kantang (english potato, literally). We make him repeat these Chinese words, but he makes them all sound so English/Westernised. Quite funny, really. But not so funny if he has troubles with Chinese next time.

These past weeks have been particularly draining but am ever grateful to the hubby who’s turning out to be quite the super dad. I don’t know how he finds it in him to do all the chores, change all the diapers, cook amongst many other things. I don’t say this enough – thank you!


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