17 mths update

People with kids say that kids learn things so quickly and they’ll amaze you with what they know out of the blue. It’s true. We’ve begun to experience that for ourselves first hand with E these past (two?) months.

These days we make him string together a sentence by repeating one word by one word after us. It started with “May. I. Have. Some. Please.” to get him to ask for some food. And he got the hang of it and not too long after, when we wanted him to repeat “Have”, he would skip straight to “Some!” with much gusto.

Usually in the lift, he would point his finger to the moving digits and say “Ten!” and that was about it. But about three nights ago, he suddenly said “One! Two! Three!” in the lift when it showed 12 and then 13.

Today he asked for a pen and when asked, “What do you want to do with it?”. “Draw!” was the answer loud and clear.

Sometimes before he falls deep into slumber at night, I “test” him or make him “revise” the words he has learnt (yes, Asian mum). Tonight, I tried this – I said “Hickory Dickory…” and he completed it with “Dock” (or sth that sounded like it), “The mouse went up the…” “Clock”. “The clock struck…” “One!”.So turns out E can now finish the last words of some of the rhymes we’ve been singing or repeating to him since he was a wee baby. And even more surprising, he could also do it with one or two Chinese rhymes though, guiltily, we haven’t been repeating much of them to him.


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