18mths update; i’ve been a mama for 1.5 years?

Sometimes I look at E and wonder, gees I have a baby boy? And then I think about how old he is, and my mind goes WHAT? You mean I’ve had him for 1.5 years already, meaning I’ve been a mama for 1.5 years?? It is crazy and sometimes just plain surreal.

I feel like E’s development has just sped up ever since he started walking at 12/13 months. Speech, physical, emotional, everything! He surprises me every day with what he does, what he can say and what he can understand. There’s a Chinese book called 我妈妈which I read him almost nightly. The last two pages read, “我爱她。而且你知道吗?她也爱我。永远地爱我。” It also illustrates the little kid hugging his mother. One night, when I read the two pages, E surprised me by raising his arms and lunging at me with a big smile to give me a hug. My heart could hardly take it. Don’t parents just live for such moments? Now, I just need to repeat those lines and E would give me a big hug.

The little munchkin has also learnt to feed himself. He started trying to do so about a month ago and can feed himself fairly well with a spoon now. Yoghurt, porridge, biscuits, anything really. He’s still trying to master using the fork though. Sometimes he insists on “try!”, which basically means he wants to hold the spoon and feed himself.

E has also been quite a handful. There are times he is pretty clingy and wants someone to “抱抱” all the time. Or he would be climbing stools, coffee tables, sofas whenever he gets the opportunity.

Also, remember he had this nasty eczema that affected mostly his cheeks? My fingers are crossed, but I sure hope they are gone for good now! We’ve religiously applied the Physiogel AI gel + Young Living’s Tender Tush for the longest time now. We’re still applying both (yes, definitely still erring on the side of caution) but I’m so glad E’s face is finally looking like a baby’s should.

I also didn’t want to say this too early (for fear of jinxing it). But the little rascal is finally sleeping through the night. There are days he wakes up wailing at like 4.30pm, but otherwise, he manages to sleep at 10pm and wake only at about 7.30am. Ah, the joys of having uninterrupted sleep.Oh, and I’ve weaned him off successfully too.

But uninterrupted sleep will likely come to an end in September, cause someone will be making his arrival then 🙂 While we’re kinda apprehensive about Life With Two Boys, I’m sure we will more than manage. Big changes coming our way which are likely going to be rewarding and fun (and probably chaotic). Till then, I’m still reliving from time to time how painful and traumatic childbirth is for a woman. Eeps.


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