California, Los Angeles: 2014 West Coast Road Trip

Been having much wanderlust these past few days and thought I would go look at some old photos to reminisce good ol’ times. For a start, here are some snaps of California, Los Angeles, from our 2014 West Coast USA Trip.

One of our first meals was to try the much lauded In-N-Out Burger. It’s good but to be honest, nothing to shout about. 20140927_172718

The next day we had breakfast in the Farmers Market.

Our most memorable was this Mediterranean dish from Moishe’s.


Then we headed off to Santa Monica Beach to have a look-see.




After having Kogi for dinner (see previous post), we popped by Sweet Rose Creamery for some dessert.20140928_200355

Next morning, we headed to Downtown LA Grand Central Market for breakfast before driving off to Vegas.

Of course, we had to have THE Legendary EggSlut. Boy, was it pretty damn awesome. 20140929_09174620140929_092008 20140929_092051 20140929_092142

Tacos and more tacos from different Mexican joints with the market. We also dapao-ed a huge arse burrito for the road (not pictured).

20140929_094202 20140929_100138

Not forgetting this luscious, sinful, and hands-down-best-ever grilled cheese sandwich from DTLA Cheese, another shop in the market.



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