19 mths and a week update + Insomnia strikes

It’s 5.51am, Sunday, 31st May.

The whirring sound of the washing machine, the fan is humming and there’s the occasional gurgling of water being channeled through the pipes. I’m up. Physically tired, finding it a little hard to breathe and all of 24 weeks pregnant.

Actually, I’ve been up since 4.00am. Isn’t it ironic? A pregnant woman should try and get as much sleep as possible since sleep will be elusive once the newborn comes along. I tell my friends this is nature’s way of getting your body used to what’s coming along.

There’s just too much on my mind. When I started to think about how many things there were to be done and how many decisions needed to be made before Baby2 arrives, I couldn’t stop.

The monologue sounded pretty much like that:

Should we buy a 7-seater? Gosh, do the sums work? Is it worth it? Gee, it’s a downpayment of $60-70K. Errr, crazyyy. But hey, how much does it really work out to per year? Oh my. Ok, maybe we should KIV this for another year? This is too much to process, next. 

Who can we give our study table to? How can it fit in Mum’s master bedroom at her place? Can’t we reconfigure the room? Surely someone wants it? What possessed us to buy such a bulky one 6/7 years ago? If not, how am I going to make space for E and mum when she comes over during confinement? 

Oh yes, we need to get more Sebamed for E and baby 2 is going to need it as well. We should just get it in JB when we head over for a weekend. Better put it down on Google Keep.

Ahhh, isn’t it such a lovely time with E now? Parenthood can be such a joy. Scares me how the little one is growing up so fast.. Let’s see, he’s turning 20mths soon?? WHAT? My little baby??

Hmm, should I go get the washing machine started if I can’t get to sleep by 5? Maybe I should do my 19th mth blog update. 

Sheesh, those boxes of toys in the room are such an eyesore. We need to make some space in the storeroom!! By hook or by crook. Mmm, what else can we declutter?

So should we settle for a macbook air or an iPad? Yikes, another expenditure on top of that mattress we need to get for E soon. 

Oh my, insurance! We haven’t decided what insurance to get for E and Baby 2? We need to get going. It’s June soon… which means, ok… OMG, that’s just 3.5 mths before I pop? WHAT? 

Oh dear, we also haven’t come close to deciding on a name. Man. 

So this went on for about an hour. Now you know why I couldn’t get back to sleep.

In more important news, I’m here to document some 19th-month milestones for posterity. We left him at my in-laws while we went for a week-long holiday in Seoul. During which, he picked up words like “skateboard”, “ba-nah-nah” and “torchlight”. Before we left, he managed to utter his first 2-syllable words – “baby” and “bubble”. But for some reason, he decided to pick up more complex 2-syllable words when his folks were gone on holiday.

Three nights ago, on our way home frm my in-laws, E totally stunned me when he said, without being prompted, “papa. wo. yao. kan. round-round.” The power of round-round (his way of referring to videos of the nursery song “Wheels on the bus”).

This potty training business has completely gone under the radar. Maybe I jinxed it by talking about it. Now E doesn’t tell us he wants to poop. He can even happily go on playing without a change after a big dump. In fact, he hates getting changed/bathed. More often than not, we have to trick him to get him in the shower.

In a bid to get out of the house and get E doing more activities, we’ve started going swimming recently again. I’m pleased to say E is much less afraid of the water compared to say, 2 months back.

Ok, tata for now. The clothes are done and I think I just might be able to get back to sleep. Till next time.


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