20 mths, 1.5week update

Honestly, I can’t say this enough this year. Exactly Where Did Time Go? Surely someone somewhere sitting behind the time machine made a mistake and pressed a fast-forward button? It’s crazy! How is it half a year is gone just like that? Also, how is it I am less than 3 months to popping? Unbelievable.

E’s vocabulary has expanded very quickly this month – throw, swimming, jump, run, today, melon, cupcake, sausage, rice, noodle etc. He is also able to identify numbers correctly, say the alphabet (missing a few letters), string together a phrase (“Mama, go there!”).

Of course, “NO” is still the number 1 word in his repertoire and trust me, he says NO with the most conviction. I guess most kids go through this NO-phase huh?

Still no sign of the 9th tooth. We’re still at 8!! Eeps, where are the rest? It would make our lives much easier when we are out for meals.

Also, still doesn’t quite look like he is ready for some toilet-training.

Last night. E surprised me with the sweetest gesture. Though now that I’m thinking about it, he probably doesn’t know it’s really sweet. We were getting ready for bed and he said “Sarge-sarge!” and crept behind me, sat down and used his little hands to give me a back massage. Totally “awww” moment for this mama right here. Hoping he would still be up to giving me a massage when I’m old and wrinkly.

I never thought I would be quite ‘approving’ of parenthood but now that I’m going through it, there really is nothing that comes quite close to the emotions one experiences as a mother.


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