overdue update / 22.5 mths

I am officially about to pop any time now. the bag is 90% packed, but the house is still in disarray and i THINK we have only just decided on the name. I’m tired, in pain (down there), uncomfortable every day and night. It certainly was not this bad the last time I had E. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s cause i’m all loose down there or maybe baby 2 is much bigger? i’m not quite sure. I’m caught in between wanting to give birth asap and not wanting to give birth so quickly cause I’m really not ready. But hey, at the end of the day, not quite up to me to decide.

22.5 months old and E has started stringing together words to form phrases. he’s also shown he can remember past experiences (like going to the zoo or going to USS). he wants to try doing things himself now – like brushing his teeth, feeding himself, wearing his own pants or washing the blueberries. still no luck with the whole toilet training thing (not like we’ve been conscientious about it too though).

E can also ‘sing’ and remember the rough lyrics of the songs he likes. For eg, Monkeys jumping on the bed, twinkle twinkle little star and itsy bitsy spider.


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