Almost 2 years old!

The little bubs is now a month and a week old. Mom has been of a great help during the confinement month and I must say Mum’s cooking is the best. After confinement, the hubbs asked if I was craving for anything and I honestly could say I wasn’t! I was super happy eating confinement food to be honest. This has genuinely been a less traumatic post-partum than after I had E. I think it comes down to expectations. You know what to expect and you are mentally prepared for it. No wonder people go on to have more kids.

E is turning 2 this Friday. And I’ve been a little emotional about it. How not to be? My firstborn turning two years young?? That’s crazy. Just the other day, I was at the dresser, getting changed and he said, unprompted, “I wuv you mama”. Total heart melt please. And then last night, he was chomping on some sunflower seeds with my mum while I was nursing the bubs. I looked at him and he caught my eye, then he held up a seed and said with earnest, “You want, mama?” Since when did my boy grow up so fast?

This past month has been very fun watching E grasp English. He can now string words together to express himself. He can also sing songs and dance along when we sing. E’s very vocal and generally fast to warm up to strangers. We went to a trial gym class recently and he wasted no time in exploring the gym and interacting with the trainer. I hope he can speak some Chinese soon. Clearly his Chinese language capability isn’t there yet but I take heart that he can understand some simple instructions in Chinese.

The hubbs and I are also toying with the idea of travelling with the kids. But I’m not so sure how comfortable we are with two kids in tow. We’ve never travelled with one kid (Legoland JB doesn’t quite count) so two kids could be a bit overwhelming? Though everyone says babies less than 6 months old are the best to bring around since you dont have to worry about their food when all they take is breast milk/formula.

We really didn’t know how easy we had it when we only had E. Weekends were probably easier to manage, and going out with just one set of kids’ stuff wld have been easier too.  In retrospect, we should have brought him out more and travelled with him more. But oh well, too late 😉 In other news, I finally breastfed in public for the first time last weekend while we were having dinner at California Pizza Kitchen after the trial gym class. For the whole week, I was wondering in my head how it wld pan out and how I would be fumbling when it happens. But I kept my cool and it all worked out! Very pleased and it definitely made me feel a little more confident about bringing the little one overseas.


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