Nov 2015/ B: 2.5mths/ E: 25mths

Baby B is now 2.5 months old! He’s weighing about 6.7kg now. B responds with coos when we talk to him and it is adorable. To be honest, alot of times when I’m holding him, I’m thinking, “Sheesh, this could really be the last time I’m holding such a young infant that is mine. He’s growing up way too fast just like E.” How do couples decide whether or not to have another kid? How do you tell? In case you’re wondering, at this stage, the answer is no. I think we’ll stop at 2, thank you. 😉

E turned 25 months earlier this week. Kids are honestly like sponges. They pick up things so quickly. E can now say complete sentences –

“Mama, you want some biscuit?”

“Mama, are you hungry?”

“So many things to do!”

“Shall we go there?”

“Are you serious?”

“Don’t say ‘Oh-My-God'” *gigglegiggles

Yesterday, while my mother-in-law was bathing him, I also realised he can understand Cantonese. I had my doubts initially, but he definitely can and kudos to my mother-in-law for speaking to him in Cantonese frequently. E still replies in English though, no matter what language we use to speak to him. Nonetheless, I think it’s a good start.

We also started E on music lessons at Seimpi two Sundays ago. Well, it’s not really music lessons per se, but more to introduce him to the world of music gradually. My sister, who’s definitely the more musically inclined accompanies him (super grateful). I understand they learn about beats, tempo, get introduced to the music language (crochets, treble clef etc) and instruments during class. E is definitely having fun, but I think the class timing at 1pm is just when he gets sleepy and ready for an afternoon nap.





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