6 Feb // E 2yr4mths // B Almost 5 mths

It’s 11.55pm and it’ll be CNY eve in just 5 minutes times. B only just fell asleep. He was being his usual hungry-hippo self and daddy couldn’t get him to settle to sleep. E finally fell asleep at 11.30pm because he was crying for me while I nursed his brother. These days, it’s very much A and I playing tag-team. 

It’s just begun raining. A has gone to bed. I contemplated just going to bed and not powering on the laptop to write a post. But time is a rare commodity these days, and I told myself since I really wasn’t feeling that sleepy, I should just write one blog post. Plus I re-read my last post and it brought back really sweet memories of how precious these days have been. 

B’s almost 5 months old. He started to flip himself at 4.5 months old and got the hang of it pretty quickly. He’s also taken to sucking his fingers and fists whenever he gets the opportunity. This munchkin is tickled easily. He’s very smiley and turns to you whenever you call his name. He chuckles, chortles and giggles if you put in just a little bit of effort to make a funny face/noise. This little one is also not so little any more, weighing in at 8.2kg a week ago. 

E’s picking up more and more songs in school, including many Chinese ones (yay). We’ve just started him on a multi-sports class on Saturday mornings to get him introduced to different sports and to burn some of that energy off. I think he’s liking it so far, as with most boys and sports. I’m also thinking of sending him Yamaha (a simple music appreciation class) but am not sure if it would be too premature at 2.5 yrs old. 

E can still be pretty whiney and difficult to handle at times. He also knows how to bargain with us for an extra chocolate. And he knows just what to say to get out of the room (when we’re keeping him in for a nap). “mama, I need water”, is his usual delay tactic when we’re trying to settle him down for a nap. “milk first!” is the phrase to use when he wants to get out of brushing his teeth/washing his bum/ changing his diapers before bed time. 


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