4 Apr // B:6mths3wks // E:2yrs5.5mths

It’s been two months since I’ve written. Taking care of two kids, with no helper, no part-time cleaner and full time work can be crazy at times (who am I kidding, it is crazy all the time). Both the boys and A have gone to bed and it’s rare that I have still some energy in me to pen these thoughts before they go poof.

We took our first family vacation this March! That was exciting and to be honest I was also a little apprehensive. Luckily my mum and sisters came along, and they of course, proved to be immeasurable help. Suffice to say, much as I can’t bear to leave the kids behind, I will be thinking twice whether or not to bring them on the next holiday.

We went to Seminyak in Bali over 4 days, 3 nights. E was mildly interested in the xray machines, but other than that, he was pretty nonchalant about the rest of the experience. He was his usual ball of energy, bouncing off whenever he got the chance to in the Sg airport. On board, we tried out best to keep him entertained without whipping out the tablet, but that eventually made an appearance for our sanity. B slept through the take-off but awoke shortly after we started cruising. He didn’t fuss but was fidgety and wanted to check out his surroundings. I would say the flight went fairly well both to and from Bali.

The four of us didn’t do much as I had expected. It was basically eat, swim/soak in the tub, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Haha! My mum and sisters went out one early morning to catch the dolphins on Lovina Beach though. That sure looked like a wonderful experience. Nevertheless, the four of us had a nice time. E especially loved the tub and soaked in it up to 3 times a day on average. He was also ok with the food we had since it wasn’t difficult to find a noodle/rice dish on the menu. Desserts were always a hit given he inherited a sweet tooth from his folks 😉 B, on the other hand, chomped on some avocadoes on the last day of our trip. He had just turned six months and I wasn’t too worried that he wasn’t getting food on a daily basis. (Now that we’ve returned, he’s definitely eating on a daily basis though!)

B has learned how to crawl and if you put something in front of him, he’s likely to make an enthusiastic effort to make his way towards it. He’s a go-getter this one. B’s also now trying to sit up and I’m guessing he would be able to master it in a couple of weeks. I don’t recall E being so enthusiastic on the crawling. E more or less skipped the crawling, and went to pulling himself up in the playpen instead.

E’s language skills are just rapidly growing. He can converse pretty well in English and I must say his Chinese vocab had just increased since he went to school. The other day he surprised me by saying “洗手液” when I was getting him some handsoap. Colour me impressed! I’m really enjoying these conversations I have with him these days. Tonight, we were getting ready for bed and for a change, I asked that he pat mama to bed. He said “oh ohkay. what song you want?” I said, “jack and jill!”and he proceeded to sing the song and pat me like I would pat him. So sweet and funny at the same time.

We went for our first parent-teacher meet about three weeks ago! It was a proud moment for both A and I. Both his Chinese and English teacher said he’s a calm boy, could listen and understand instructions well. His English teacher also said that it’s not often kids at this age are calm. Honestly, I don’t think I would call him “calm” at home though… Also, I made a point to ask about his Chinese and his teacher said he can definitely understand and sometimes even replies back in Chinese to her (!). They also observed that he wanted to feed himself and didn’t want help. He also would usually take 2nd or 3rd helpings of the food (haha!). It was really funny too how E clung on to A for dear life the entire time we sat down at his small tables and chairs to talk to his teachers. Maybe he thought he did something wrong! 😉

Speaking of which, while I was getting ready for work one morning, I heard E talking to his soft toy dinosaur, “you stand in the naughty corner”. Next thing I saw when I came out of my room, his dino was placed on the floor facing the sofa! Tickled me to no end! Ah, things kids say and do.


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