7May // B:7mths3weeks // E:2yrs6.5mths

Today’s favourite moment has to be at Sushi Tei. We were accompanying HM while she had her late lunch and ordered a couple more things as a snack. The waitress came by and delivered the rainbow row we ordered. E said loudly and excitedly, pointing to the plate, “mama look! SUSHI!” All of us, including the waitress, was most tickled!

Terrible Twos seem to have struck at the stroke of midnight when he turned 2.5years old last month. E gets frustrated easily and for reasons unknown to us. Also, he has become very adamant about not brushing his teeth and not washing his hair, kicking up a big fuss whenever we insist. So we’ve had to find various ways to distract him / coax him into doing so.

E also really knows how to tug on our heartstrings. Coincidentally, A and I had been discussing about going on a holiday without the kids. At the same time, E started saying to me, with the sweetest voice ever, “I love you. I love you so much…” E would sometimes even give me a big hug, or would put his head on my lap. Then sometimes he would flash me a big smile. PLUS, A and I would ask him, “E, can mama and papa go on a holiday and you stay at nainai’s house?”. His answer has been cosistently, “No.” And we would ask why, to which he would say “Because I also want to go on holiday” Haha. So yeah, suffice to say, A and I are contemplating bringing him along but leaving B here with his parents.

E’s also really understanding that adults get angry with his behaviour. I can see that he really doesn’t want me to be angry with him. After his bout of naughty behaviour and my reprimanding him, he would ask/check in with me, “mama, are you happy?” or “mama, are you happy now?” with the most earnest of tones.

B’s two bottom teeth are peeking out! This happened about 2 weeks ago just after he turned 7 mths. I think E only had his first tooth at 10mths. We’ve been trying to get B to eat some solids. So far we’ve only been successful with avocado, sweet potato and pumpkin. B, compared to E, doesn’t seem quite ready to eat more solids at this point.

B has also mastered sitting up about 2.5 weeks ago? Last weekend, he also mastered pulling himself to a standing position in the playpen. Fast huh! He’s also getting the hang of peekaboo. It tickles him when he sees someone playing peekaboo with him using a cloth.

At the last check up on the 3rd of May, B weighed in at 9.22kg.


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