6 July // B (9.5 mths) E (2years 8mths 3wks)

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated here. But honestly it’s been pretty crazy at work and extremely tiring caring for two. 

B can now hold himself up quite steady by the sides of the playpen. He has also started to call papa/ mama(non specific) and also can do the bye bye hand action already. He’s quite niam to me. Sometimes he wouldn’t want A to carry him and would wail in protest. 

E is super chatty now. And sometimes he says the darnest things. Just last Sunday hr said to me after I went to change into going out clothes, “why you wear this forever?” 

There were a few times when A braked quite hard and be said to A, “Papa say sorry to mama. Say sorry to me. Say sorry to didi!”


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