29 July // B (10.5mths) E (2yr 9mths 1wk)

“E! It’s snowing! Soooo Cooooold!” I said. E’s eyes lit up immediately, realising I was about to play make believe with him last night. I love it. That look of sheer joy and twinkle in the eye when he realises I’m going to play pretend with him is just such a treat. It’s really his absolute favourite activity, next to ‘cooking’ now.

Like many other children, E also likes to take my mobile phone to play. But half the time he’s more interested in reviewing the photos and videos on my phone. Otherwise, he has recently taken to watching “Tasty” on instagram – short 30-60second recipe videos. He would sometimes watch this strawberry banana yoghurt recipe video and say “I wanna make this tomorrow.” adorable (i’m biased).

This age is indeed wonderful. That sense of wonder, the shrieks of excitement, so authentic and so, so precious. The other day, I pulled out a mini Magnum and E just looked at me with a big big smile and hands clenched into waving little fists and said “ICE CREAM!”

Also, last Sunday, we sent E to the KKH A&E for the first time. He didn’t look too well, wasn’t eating well and more imptly his tummy was rising up and down and he looked like he might have had trouble breathing. Dr suspects it could be asthma but wouldn’t label it as such since it was the first time this happened.

Can’t believe it’s less than 2 mths to B’s birthday! I am completely unprepared and not sure if I / we wanna celebrate it with a (small) party. As I type this, he’s fast asleep on the bed with me and just when I stole a peek at his chubby cheeks, I caught him smiling in his sleep. B’s completely enamoured by E. Whatever E does, B wants to do or wld laugh / be tickled. E on the other hand is not so taken with his brother – always fighting and snatching things from B.




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