E: 2 yrs 11mths; B: 1yr 2 weeks

Edit: This post is dated 25th Sept. Didn’t manage to publish it till the 27th.

When we signed up for parenthood, we signed up for a lifetime of worry. Worse when I’m a worrier by nature!

B had some salmon this evening and during which he choked/coughed. I questioned myself if he had swallowed a bone even though I had been pretty careful. The cough got worse as the evening progressed and I’m still worried that he might have really swallowed a bone or have one stuck in his throat. So when we came home, I made him eat some bread because apparently that’s what you’re supposed to do when you have a bone stuck. Yes, I was still paranoid and I still am!! I’m literally typing this right next to him. I’m watching him like a hawk while he’s fast asleep.



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