E: 3yrs old

Dear E,

Well, technically your birthday was over a month ago, but mama has had no time and energy to sit down and write you a note.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe you are 3. Where did time go, I ask myself? These days when you talk to me in complete sentences, I look at you and can hardly recall when it was that you were just babbling baby talk and picking up new words. When you ask that we race down the corridor, I try and recall how you looked like when you were learning to walk. I am thankful we have countless photos and videos of you but occasionally have a fear that they are not enough to document every precious moment. I’m afraid mama’s forgetful brain can only hold so many memories.

E, you are full of imagination. A box can be a doctor’s bag, a stick can be a wand. You love to sing and act. Like the other day we discovered a song called Miss Polly had a Dolly and together, we made up a little skit to go along with the song.

You’re still not quite accustomed to sharing mama with didi but yet you know he is yours to protect. No one can take didi home because ‘he belongs to home’. You shake your head and grab him tightly when anyone says they want to take him home. It is rare, but sometimes I catch you talking softly to didi, like the other day when he was wailing because he was in the playpen, and my heart just melted looking at the two of you. I hope you and didi will come to forge a strong sibling bond and be best friends for life.

We brought you on your first further-than-2hr-plane-ride trip to Melbourne earlier this month. Just us three – papa, you and mama. The truth is, the beginning and the end of the trip was rough with longer than usual commutes and airplane rides. You were cranky and it was hard to sleep on the plane. But there were moments to be savoured. The days we chomped on strawberry after strawberry, the numerous goats you patted and fed, the cow you brushed, the chickens you fed… While you would be happy to try most foods at least once, you would much prefer to have your noodles and soup. I’m not quite sure we are ready to take you on another trip in the near future but it was (mostly) memorable albeit tiring.

I still love those random “i love you mama” moments and they make it all worth it. I know these loud proclamations of love will not be as frequent as you grow older (sobs) but I hope these never cease. I love you darling, more than you will ever know.


Love xoxo





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