B 1yr4mths, E 3 yrs3mths

B is such an affectionate little boy. I think I speak for A too when I say we enjoy his enthusiasm when giving us a kiss or two. If he’s distracted, he would gently tilt his head towards you so your lips touch his cheek. But if he wants to give you a kiss, he’ll hold your cheeks in his hand and give you a wet loud kiss on one side, before proceeding to the other cheek to plant another kiss. I love it! kiss kiss kiss!

B can walk pretty steadily now. He can point to his shoes and say ‘walk walk’. His eating habits are however not as good as E’s though. He spits out all kinds of meat and only half willingly eats mee tai mak. No meat for this boy. He’s pretending to be a vegetarian I guess.

E is still the naughty cheeky imp that he is. He can be a handful and can be very headstrong. Takes a tremendous amount of patience from the two of us to deal with him.

He also can remember things very well. Like books, I’m pretty sure he’s not ‘reading’ but really just repeating what he has memorised. I guess children all have very good memory.


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