E: 4 years 3mths // B: 2 years 4mths

I say this a lot but it is true. Time just rockets by when you have kids.

End of 2017, a new job came along.

End of 2017, I decided we just need to make it work. Aunt was nice enough to come by 2plus hours a week while the weekly helper came in to clean up the place and iron our clothes. It honestly is challenging without a helper.

E is less whiny now (fingers crossed) and I beam at how he is growing into his big brother role now. In school, he waits for his little bro to finish taking his temperature before holding his hand and leading him to the assembly room.

Today he told me that in school, at dismissal, he held on to his little brother’s hand even though his friend wanted to hold his hand “because didi is a baby”. So he rejected his friend for didi.

He is still very chatty. The other day at the dinner table at my mum’s, he went on and on saying his made-up story to SY. It was a funny/odd one made up of bosses (the ones in the Super Mario game cause he had just played it).

Two convos we had recently in the car –

*Raining outside.

Me: “E, let’s sing rain rain go away.
Rain Rain Go away… Come again another day…”

E: “But mama the rain won’t go away”

Me: “Why?”

E: “The rain can’t hear you. The rain has no ears.”

Another convo which totally just made me tear –

E: “Mama, I have an idea.
Why not some days you don’t go to work? And I don’t go to school.
We go for breakfast. Go somewhere nice. And then we go home and play a game you never played before?”

On that note, in mid Dec, he started asking me, “Mama, do you have to go to work?” with puppy eyes and a sad face. And now, he can ask me that 2-3times a week.

Ahh, E, knows the things to say and do.

B is fast growing up. He’s definitely like most second child’s, a huge fan of his older bro. B copies everything E does.

B’s also very very very sweet. He clings on to me like a koala at times. I’m totally enjoying it cause I never quite had that with E.

And he’s quite independent. He would have no issues playing on his own and entertaining himself. But it is hard to get him to sit down and to read him stories. He’s more interested in hands on play.

B’s STILL the fussy eater he was when he was a baby. So hard to get him to eat/try new foods. But if it’s chocolate or chips, he would happily eat them all.

I love it when B ask for permission to do something. He would put his hands together, smile very sweetly, cock his head to one side and say “pleaseeeee mama pleaseeee”.

He can be quite the drama-king with all the fake tears and tantrums though. If he can’t get his way, he would also be Mr Pouty. He would screw up his brows, fold his arms and pout big time. Haha, it is super funny!

Reminding myself – “To Be Present”. Although I must admit, work sucks so much energy out of me and I give myself so much pressure to perform. 2018 resolution – if it doesn’t matter in 5 years, then don’t spend more than 5 seconds on it.

Lastly, I leave you with a quote I saw on an ex-colleague’s instagram that resonated with me. “Always choose the kids. There are many opptys to choose work later.”


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